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Commodore Business Machines is working on different mobile and portable devices since 2015 to bring the Commodore brand into the mobile era.

Commodore gaming hardware for top players

Our gaming division is working on different gaming projects, including gaming keyboards and hardware, home consoles and portable devices.

Partnerships, side projects and retro gaming

Commodore company is the perfect hub for many different projects related to Commodore world, created by small companies, fans and associations. Wanna work together? Contact us!

Commodore Business Machines
Welcome to the official Commodore Company website

Our goal is to renew the Commodore brand and place in the market as this glorious name deserves, by producing awesome devices at fair prices. We’re not here only to look with nostalgia at the past of the first Commodore company that everyone has known in the 80s. We’re here to manage this totally new group and brand towards a completely unexpected future.

Commodore Business Machines: a new future.

Commodore brand

In the year 2015 Commodore Business Machines Ltd obtained the Commodore brand rights within 38 countries all over the world to build and sell smartphones and accessories.

Mobile devices

Thanks to the established partnership with major asian technology manufacturers, two smartphones devices has been built in 2015/2016 and in 2016/2017 named Commodore PET and Commodore LEO.

Commodore group

From 2015 the Commodore group has been continuously upgraded and new companies has been created in different nations to better meets the needs of the market and distribution.

Commodore Company

Commodore Company, head of Commodore Business Machines related group, is leading several projects that include new mobile devices, gaming hardware and telecommunications.

Mobile Devices
Commodore PET and Commodore LEO

Engineered in the U.K., designed in Italy and created thanks to our partnership with major asian tech companies. Commodore PET and Commodore LEO has been the first mobile project in history made by Commodore Business Machines.

High quality devices at fair price

Since our foundation in 2015 our goal has been to create technology that gives you not only a service product, but a complete Commodore experience.

Our team of engineers and designers based in U.K. and Italy constantly works to create beautiful and functional devices, guaranteeing our customers the best possible quality-price ratio.

Wanna work together?
Commodore Lookahead

Do you want to use Commodore logo in your project or on your product? Contact us, if your project is good for Commodore we will work together to create the unique and original Commodore companies network.